Dinner for Wolves

Level 1 / 52 Holmes Street
Brunswick East, Victoria
Australia, 3056

General enquiries can be sent to:

For all licensing and sync questions, please contact:

Rick Butterworth & Joel Whitford using the contact form provided here.

4 + 13 =

Demo Policy

We love to receive your demos. Please send whatever you want. We don’t have a ‘don’t send too much policy’ so knock yourself out. Send whatever you want us to listen to…and we will. Note, however …we’re not able to reply individually to everyone, but we can assure you that all demos are reviewed and if we like what we hear we’ll be in touch.

If you are submitting a demo, please do so by email and send streaming links where your music can be heard. We aren’t unable to accept decent size attachments via this site so if you do want to send us an ‘album of material’, please use a file carrier service such as ‘’. If submitting via ‘wetransfer’, please address your message to the email address shown above.

We do accept demos submitted by post, however we’re unable to send them back, so please, if you need to send us something physical…only send only send duplicate copies that you don’t need returned.

Promos & Review Copies

Please contact for enquiries.

Guest Lists / Backstage Passes

DFW is unable to provide guest list places or back stage passes for any live dates. Sorry….pricks don’t include us half the time, let alone with spares.