The Story So Far


One in Seven is a charity musical project aimed at raising awareness and funds for prostate cancer charities. The project features an Aussie rock n roll supergroup formed from members of legendary and up-and-coming bands including Baby Animals, The Screaming Jets, Electric Mary, Massive, Dellacoma, Tequila Mockingbyrd and many more.

 Prostate cancer affects one in seven Australian men during their lives. It is currently the second highest cause of male cancer death yet it is one of the most survivable cancers if detected early (92% chance of survival past 5 years). What most don’t know is that a simple blood test at age 50 (age 40 if family history) could show warning signs years before any symptoms develop.

 ONE IN SEVEN have recorded a rocked up version of the Byrds classic “Turn! Turn! Turn!” at Lighthill studios with producer Ricki Rae (X-factor, Taxiride) at the helm to raise funds for and awareness of the cause.

 It is an upbeat song for the times featuring over 20 vocalists, 6 drummers, 6 guitarists and 3 bassists. It is also the only known version of this song to feature a didgeridoo! The track is led by the dulcet tones of Rusty Brown (Electric Mary), backed up by an all-star cast.

 Turn! Turn! Turn! just got turned upside down and inside out and brought into the 21st century with an almighty bang, and all for a great cause.

 All funds raised will be split between The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, Prostate Cancer UK, the Movember Foundation and The Rennie Grove Nurses who provided information and support for Josie (project coordinator) and her family during her father’s recent battle with the disease.


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Please visit our Pozible page to make a donation or purchase either a strictly limited vinyl edition of ‘Turn! Turn! Turn!’ or a compilation CD featuring the bands involved in the project. Hey, there’s even t-shirts available too!

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Featured Artists Include:

Baby Animals (Dave Leslie), The Screaming Jets (Paul Woseen and Jimi Hocking), Electric Mary (Rusty Brown and Spyda), Dirt River Radio (Alex Raunjak), Massive (Brad Marr, Ben Laguda and Jarrod Medwin), Tequila Mockingbyrd (Josie O’Toole), Peta-Evans Taylor (The Voice), Figures (Paul Callow and Mark Tronson), Dellacoma (Dellacoma Rio), Tame The Sun (Shane Rae), Cicadastone (Matt and Mark Robins), The Naysayers (Gordon Holland and Nathaniel Parbery) , Ablaze (Danny Slaviero, Dan Mangango, Ben Anderson), Shewolf (Cassandra, Serena and Nikki Vlahos), Rosie and The Mighty Kings (Rosie Conforto and Don Giovanazzo), The Silent Deeds (Clayton Brown), Venom, Dayne Lawless (ex-Lady Gaga), Ricki Rae (ex-Shannon Noll, Taxi Ride), Shay Liza (Sonic Citizen), Paul Roadknight

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One in Seven. Proudly supporting the following charities.

Producer: Ricki Rae
Arrangement/Project Co-ordination by: Josie O’Toole & Jarrod Medwin
Videography: Rom Anthonis, Dan Armstrong, Andrew Marshall
Aerial Photography: Paul “Spyda” Marret
Video Editor: Dan Armstrong
Photographer: Eric “Chowie” Chow
Logo: Rich Moss (Stone Broken)

The 30+ musicians who generously donated their time and talent to helping get this message out there are as follows:

Rusty Brown (Electric Mary), Shay Liza (Sonic Citizen), Paul Woseen (Screaming Jets), Dellacoma Rio (Dellacoma), Danny Slaviero (Ablaze), Peta Evans-Taylor, Kristy Jinx, Rosie Conforto (Rosie & The Mighty Kings), Brad Marr (Massive)

Lead Guitar:
Dave Leslie (Baby Animals), Jimi Hocking (Screaming Jets), Ben Laguda (Massive)

12 String Guitar:
Dave Leslie (Baby Animals)

Rhythm Guitar:
Jarrod Medwin (Massive), Aaron Schrembri, Shane Rae (Tame The Sun)

Alex Raunjak (Dirt River Radio), Paul Woseen (The Screaming Jets)

Double Bass:
Don Giovanazio (The Mighty Kings)

Paul Roadknight

Drums / Percussion:
Josie O’Toole – Drums (Tequila Mockingbyrd)
Dayne Lawless – Tamborine

Drum Off:
Paul “Spyda” Marret (Electric Mary), Venom, Ricki Rae (Sonic Citizen, ex-Taxiride), Jarrod Medwin (Massive), Dayne Lawless (ex-Lady Gaga), Josie O’Toole (Tequila Mockingbyrd)

Gang Vocals:
Ablaze (Dan Mangano, Ben Anderson, Danny Slaviero), Cicadastone (Mark Robins, Matt Robins), Figures (Mark Tronson, Paul Callow), SheWolf (Serena Vlahos, Cassandra Vlahos, Nikki Vlahos), The Naysayers (Gordon Holland, Nathaniel Parbery), Clayton Brown (The Silent Deeds), Massive (Jarrod Medwin, Ben Laguda), Aaron Schembri, Josie O’Toole

A huge thank you to Ricki Rae (Lighthill Studios), Rom Anthonis Photography and Dan Armstrong (Strongman Productions), Eric “Chowie” Chow, Joel Whitford & Rick Butterworth (Dinner for Wolves).

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